Buccal Health

In regards to Buccal Health, with low taxes of access of the population to the services and with indicating pfios epidemiologists, with the pressing necessity to improve in both the aspects it is that they had come the necessity and the possibility to include action of buccal health in the PSF. Days (2006, P. 01) it clarifies that the program was installed in a reduced version of all the process, that in turn also includes forces institucional, as the advice of Odontologia and other unions. However, it clarifies Young chicken (2008, P. 01), that the personal or collective success in the exercise of the odontologia is not and does not have to be incompatible with the reach of these ideals. The individual and collective health, therefore, is the essence of all a work, being seen as a component element of the level of the health in the community.

Determined for the changes in the pictures epidemiologists and the proper model of rendering of services they make with that the professionals of buccal, enclosed health not only Surgeon-Dentist, but, the Technician of Buccal Health and the Assistant of Buccal Health, front the new challenges, having still to adapt it the new wave of technological development that prints an increasing speed to the proper process of transformation. In face of this, it is each time more apparent than the buccal illnesses, if the inaquality between the poor and to whom they are victims of physical disadvantages, psychic, social the people becomes a factor more than, reaching with particular severity to or same decurrent of the age, impactando negative its quality of life. Ahead of the displayed one, Young chicken (2008, P. 158) makes a boarding sucinta on the knowledge of the situation epidemiologist of the population as being basic part for the level of planning and execution of the odontolgicos services. For in such a way, it is necessary to know that the problems of the mouths of the people, do not occur isolated in the time and the space, but they present a direct and implacable causal determination to depend on the insertion forms of the man in the society.