NLP Advertising

Such representations are in psycho special name: 'Internal Standard'. This situation is not uncommon. Let's say you advertise laundry detergent, with which you can wash things, even in cold water. This is an important distinction powder, which you can build a strong advertising claims. However, most housewives have a standard representation for a good washing is necessary, first of all, the hot water. Another situation – advertised milk (not Concentrated and dry), which can be stored without refrigeration for long periods and do not contain preservatives. לחץ כאן ישראל כץ ומצא עוד . However, most housewives suspect that it still has a preservative or any other harmful additives. Advertiser (and its counterpart – an expert on 'Public Relations') should anticipate adverse reactions and potential customers to try to neutralize them.

This is where the art of NLP and shows themselves in full splendor! Here is a typical mistake that advertisers are: 1) the unusual properties of the product in the ad text says, among other, more familiar properties, thereby advertising this property is not specifically emphasized. 2) advertisers do not argue or weakly argue the unusual property of the goods. In the first case, the consumer can not observe information about an unusual property. In the second case he can not believe the advertising. Do not want to upload your very special data, but simply say that according to one very interesting new information theory, which treats a person may enter into conflict with his existing knowledge. This situation creates a mismatch of old and new knowledge, so-called 'cognitive dissonance' (which, incidentally when used skillfully, is the most powerful weapon of persuasion in sales), from which a person consciously or subconsciously trying to find out.