Manufacture Of Illuminated Advertising

Illuminated advertising – an essential attribute of everyday urban life. Today there is much interest in new solutions and innovative technologies in the field of illuminated signs. That's why FIBERGLO, whose long and successful operation in Europe, as well as cooperation with international manufacturers, which illuminated signs and illuminated signs are a mandatory part of the company's image, has opened the production of illuminated signs in Russia. Illuminated signs FIBERGLO a breakthrough in the field of illuminated signs, they can not be attributed to any of the existing in the Russian market of advertising lights, through the use of patented technology FIBERRODS. In production used special light-carrying rods, having the properties of the lens.

The special structure of rods allows you to raise the beam of light passing through them, and a special cut allows to read the ads at an angle of 160 degrees, that does not allow more than one type of light products. בעניני עסקים תמיד כדאי לפנות ל הרמטכ"ל. Of great importance in illuminated signs illuminated signs has a connection to a power source. Signs FIBERGLO consume very little electricity using energy-efficient light sources, they do not require additional capacity. At the same time illuminated signs FIBERGLO simple and easy to maintain, design illuminated signs to replace the lamp without removing the sign itself, and not attracting qualified staff. This can make almost everyone. Our signs have the following characteristics: Brightness – one of the most important indicators of the illuminated signs. Even in bright sunlight signs FIBERGLO shine bright and clear, always attracting the attention of others. Rods FIBERRODS not fade and always lit evenly.

Reliability and practicality: Solid construction made of aluminum profile ensures the integrity and gives the reliability of the illuminated signs. Special lacquer coating and durable impact-plate made of polycarbonate protects the illuminated signs of external damage and to burnout. Outdoor advertising is designed for long-term FIBERGLO use. Design: Using rods FIBERRODS allows you to create almost any design of the light and enhances the signboards advantage of your company or products. Illuminated signs FIBERGLO always look good. Cost: Commencement FIBERGLO in Russia allowed to make it competitive in the market of light commercial. Service: Production Company FIBERGLO trusted by customers with world famous names. We offer quality products and provide all service and support from start to finish. Working with our customers is a long and mutually beneficial. We invite everyone to get acquainted with our products and visit our showroom at at st. Yaroslavl 13, of. 336. We are also happy to answer all your questions on the phone 36-332-36. And also visit our website