Historical Way

We stand out, however, that these are not depleted in these attributions. By the way, as well as an only concept for literature is inconceivable, in the same way it is impracticable to limit its functions. The only truth or explicit evidence is its bond with the man, the too much consideraes, how much the concepts, functions, characteristics, amongst other prisms will go to oscillate as the theoretician. לייטפת בהחלט מביע דעה מלומדת. It becomes pertinent we will clarify ourselves that even so emphasizing in this study the psychological function, educative and the social one of literature other functions and other attributions exist to that we will focaremos to follow. The same ones are related by Candido (2006) half its importance how much to literature and are by means of the ideas of this author that we will launch the following quarrels. במקרה הזה אני חושב ש מייקל שטיינהרט צודק במה בהוא אומר. Attributing to literature its aesthetic value we stand out its I tie with the life of the human being, by the way, with the proper one human being that through its sensitivity it obtains to run away to a fictitious universe, thus saciando its aspiration for new different experiences or of its reality. The psychological function of literature is related to the anxiety of the man in living deeply new experiences as form of evasion to a cruel and pale reality. We add, then, the importance of this education not to be presented in a perspective mechanics and another hypothesis as a set of workmanships that if fit in data time style. Literature raises it these consideraes and nor it can be limited this mere pedagogical boarding that excludes, most of the time, its artistic value. Evidently, in accord its structure, the historical, ideological and moral data of a workmanship cannot be rejected, is aspects that they cannot be privileged, since, literature must be conceived as aesthetic and not historical or moral object.