Fidelity Reserve

The description of damage to your machine must be accompanied by photographs, which show these same injuries, the data the speedometer on the run, the overall look of the car with the number signs. The procedure is not such a complicated and is fast enough. Time consuming calculation of the cost of restoring the car. It can take up to three days if the damage a lot. Reminded the experts that they have used so-called hidden damage. These problems are often worth more than the elimination of dents and scratches.

For independent examination will have to lay in Moscow from 2500 rubles and higher. Everything depends on the amount of damage. I recently had to pay 2700 rubles for the fact that the independent expert noted: the car is damaged the left rear bumper and a broken left taillight. The money also will return for compensation. According to receipts. Note.

The documents you will find two amounts of damage. One – taking into account depreciation of damaged auto parts, the other – no. The second – more. The fact that some insurers have to pay less affected motorists still calculate the so-called wear and tear, although it is forbidden to do. Therefore, the declaration indicates a large sum and to ensure that it paid her. Invoked in this case to the federal law about osago. Not anneal dangerous now to buy policies osago in those companies that have not yet denied licenses, but are what is called a suspect. According to some reports, companies who breathe its last 20. In the pca has recently been compiled a list of unreliable sc, where risky for policy ''. It hit companies such as 'Progress-Neva' scm 'UralRoss', 'ASOP', 'Metropolis', 'Granite', 'Crown', 'Inkasstrah' tpso and 'Skiff-Tver'. Decision on revoke the licenses of these companies will be taken shortly. And while they are instead to warn customers about the collapse and apologize to them, trade policy osago recklessly. Try not to burned. Beware linden list of insurance companies that denied licenses in recent years: 'Avesta', 'ZSTSK', 'Trust', 'EASK', 'CIS', 'Zenith', 'Universal policy', 'Fidelity Reserve', 'General Reserve ',' Our hope ',' Rosmedstrah ' 'MTR', 'Genstrahovanie', 'Nature', 'Pyramid', 'General Insurance', 'MRSS', 'Agris',' Recon ',' szsk ',' psa ',' fsa ',' Asto ',' Russobalt '. Policies purchased in the uk these will operate in about a year. Payment for damage caused by their customers, reimburse the sar. But the blacklist would be good to remember and to motorists who buy policies osago now. The fact that unscrupulous insurance agents continue to sell them, despite the fact that the firm's license revoked: schemers used the confusion reigning in bankrupt companies, stash forms. Clearly, these policies are fake, no payments on them no one will be performed. Also note that today's market remains 166 insurance companies that sell policies osago. Two years ago there were about 1000. Reminder maximum amount of payoff is 400 thousand rubles. However, this amount is divided into two parts: compensation for harm caused life or health, and compensation for damages caused to property. The maximum payout on the part of compensation for harm to life or health of several victims of osago is 240,000 but not more than 160 thousand rubles per victim. 160 thousand rubles is to redress the harm caused to the property of several victims. But if the property belongs to one citizen, he will receive only 120 thousand rubles – not more.