Brazilian Form

The performance of the nurse in the E.S.F is of basic importance, therefore in the majority of the units the nurse beyond giving assistance is also the coordinator of the team. One expects that this considers each population group and promotes the actions of interaction between users and team of integral form primando for the quality of life of its users. The nursing as art to give the cares of humanizada and holistic form in the current days is passing for increasing modifications has seen I accumulate that it of work load and the proper process of work in them makes many times mechanist acting inadequately, ' ' it is understandable for the nurse who the customer, or its collaborator of nursing, is citizens with potential of being able in relation to the reciprocity of aes' '. לחץ כאן לייטפת ומצא עוד . (Mendes, 2001, p.1). Soon the actions of the professional nurse in the PNAISH must be pautadas in the objectives and the new vision of attendance to the new emergent paradigm that is to give well-taken care of to the man from the basic attention, in a model of promotion and prevention to this group. They are objective of the PNAISH is to promote better conditions of health the masculine population of Brazil: To contribute in effective way, for the reduction of the morbidade and mortality of this population, through the rational confrontation of the risk factors and by means of the facilitation to the access, the actions and to the services of integral assistance the health..